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There are many reasons why people get facial plastic surgery. Some of them seek to look younger and some of them just seek to make changes to a feature they do not like. The decision of getting any type of facial plastic surgery is very personal.

Facial plastic surgery will not make you look like someone else but can definitely make you feel more confident. Therefore, it is important to set realistic expectations before you decide to get facial plastic surgery.

There are many facial plastic surgery procedures to choose from at Pacifica Center for Plastic Surgery. Let’s discuss more about facial plastic surgery.

  1. Facelift Camarillo: Facelift is a surgery used to reduce signs of aging from in the face and neck area. Common areas and issues that are treated with a facelift are saggy skin on face and neck, fold lines between the corner of the mouth and between the nose, jowls on cheeks and jaw, and excess skin or double chin.

  2. Fillers and Injectables Camarillo: These are the quick and effective solutions for smoothing deep wrinkles and imperfections. It is very popular as it is a non-surgical procedure. Injectables and fillers include botox, Juvederm xc, Juvederm voluma xc, Juvederm vollure, and kybella.

  3. Brow lift Camarillo: This surgery focuses mainly on the upper part of the face such as frown lines, forehead furrows, or drooping brow. This procedure is performed mainly on men and women above 40 years of age who seek to look younger and have a well-toned appearance.

  4. Lip Injection Camarillo: This is the most common procedure and is used to pump your lower and upper lips. Procedure in lip injection mainly includes Juvederm which is a series of injectables to plump and shape your lips.

  5. Chin Surgery Camarillo: This surgery helps you get rid of droopy or baggy excess skin on the upper and lower eyelids. This surgery is also known as blepharoplasty that helps you restore youthful appearance by reducing aged and tired looking eyelids.

  6. Chin Augmentation Camarillo: This surgery is used to increase the size or projection of the chin. In this procedure, implants are created and positioned under your chin which will give you a more balanced appearance.

There are quite a few options to choose from facial plastic surgery. You can get one or more procedures as per your needs and goals. Our expert team at Pacifica Center for Plastic Surgery can help you with proper guidance and can also help you select the right kind and customized surgery for you.


Facial plastic surgery is mostly performed surgically. You also need to understand that any type of facial surgery will not change the fundamental appearance of your face and will not stop your face from aging. So, having realistic expectations is the key to any plastic surgery procedure.

Before making a decision on what facial plastic surgery to choose, make sure you have consulted in-depth about your goals and needs with an expert or a doctor in that field.


Dr. Daniel G. Kolder

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

As a highly trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Kolder’s specialties include:
Tummy Tucks + Liposuction + Breast Augmentation + Breast Lifts + Breast Reduction + Facelifts + Armlifts + Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty, as well as a variety of non-surgical aesthetic procedures. Dr. Kolder is also known to have a warm, easy manner, compassionate care, with surgical results that are beautiful and natural.

See Below Dr. Kolder’s Procedure Videos.

Patient Testimonial

“I was so pleased I chose to go to Dr Kolder! Not only do I love his staff, they are so helpful, efficient and just plain fun to talk to, Dr. Kolder makes you feel at ease with his knowledge and disposition. My surgery results were amazing and my recovery was made easy knowing I could call any time and get immediate attention and information. I highly recommend Dr. Kolder and his entire staff…”