Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation

A chin augmentation is a procedure commonly used to increase the size or projection of the chin. When the chin under projects or recedes further than the patient desires, an implant can assist in improving this deficit. Ventura County plastic surgeons Dr. Daniel Kolder and Dr. Robert Improta can perform a chin enhancement procedure to bring a more balanced and harmonious appearance to the face.

Your Chin Augmentation Consultation

Dr. Kolder and Dr. Improta will examine the structure of your face and will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan for your chin augmentation. Treating each patient as a unique case allows our doctors to achieve beautiful, natural-looking results. During your consultation, you will be able to ask any questions you may have regarding the chin augmentation procedure. They will cover details such as surgery steps, benefits, and chin augmentation recovery. You will also be able to view chin augmentation “before and after” photos to get an idea of the results you can expect at Pacifica Center for Plastic Surgery.This facial enhancement surgery is often done in combination with other procedures — such as eyelid surgery — to further improve balance between all facial features. An osseous genioplasty is a chin augmentation that involves moving a portion of the mandible (chin). When used, the chin can be augmented in both an anterior direction and a vertical direction. You will work with Dr. Kolder or Dr. Improta to choose a customized silicone chin implant for your enhancement.

The Chin Augmentation Procedure

Your chin augmentation will be performed under general anesthesia at our Ambulatory Surgery Center. A small incision is made beneath the chin to gently lift the skin from the underlying attachments. Pockets for your implant are created, and the implant is slid into position. In the case of an osseous genioplasty, an incision is made inside the mouth near the gingival sulcus. Access to the mandible is obtained allowing for osteotomies and bone movement to occur. Finally, suture repair is performed. A temporary wrap will often be applied after your surgery to help reduce swelling and fluid accumulations under the skin.

Recovering from Chin Augmentation

Bruising and swelling is normal after chin augmentation surgery, but after about 10 days, you should be able to cover up most signs of surgery with makeup as your face continues to heal. You should feel well enough to return to your regular routine after about a week, but you should avoid exercise and higher levels of activity for the first three weeks.


Men and women who undergo a chin augmentation with Dr. Kolder or Dr. Improta benefit from a more balanced facial appearance and a significant boost in self-confidence. The results of this procedure are meant to be long-lasting, but you may choose to undergo a revision procedure as your face continues to age.

Next Steps

For more information about chin augmentation, please contact our office to schedule your consultation with our Southern California board certified plastic surgeons. All cosmetic consultations are complimentary at Pacifica Center for Plastic Surgery in Camarillo.