Arm Lift


Brachioplasty (arm lift) is a surgical procedure to reduce excess skin and fatty tissue from the upper arm. Patients will often refer to these as “bat-wings”. The excess skin that hangs, when the arms are held away from the body is frequently a concern for patients that we see in our practice. Brachioplasty is a common procedure that our Southern California Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Daniel Kolder performs for patients following massive weight loss.

Your Arm Lift Consultation

Dr. Kolder will analyze the condition of your arms to determine if an arm lift is the right surgery for you. You will be able to ask any questions you may have about the arm lift procedure. Dr. kolder will go over the details of the arm lift, including surgery steps, benefits, and the arm lift recovery. You will also be able to view brachioplasty before & after photographs.

The Arm Lift Procedure

Your arm lift will be performed under general anesthesia at our own Ambulatory Surgery Center. The surgery consists of a horizontal incision made under your arm from near the elbow to armpit. The underlying muscles and tissue are tightened and excess skin is removed to get rid of any sagging.

Recovering from an Arm Lift

Recovery time varies from patient to patient, but you should expect to take about 2-4 weeks off from work after your arm lift. You will feel well enough to walk around within a day or two, but exercise and any lifting will need to be avoided for some time. Dr. Kolder will give you detailed care instructions following your arm lift procedure



Although there will be a permanent scar, it will fade and flatten over time and should be hardly noticeable on the underside of your arm. Patients are often so happy to be rid of the excess skin, that the faint scar is a welcome trade-off. Once your skin is fully healed, your arms will appear tighter, well-toned, and more youthful than before your procedure.


Next Steps

For more information about arm lift surgery, please contact our office to schedule your consultation with one of our Southern California board certified plastic surgeons. All cosmetic consultations are complimentary at the Pacifica Center for Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Daniel G. Kolder

Board Certified Plastic Sergeon

As a highly trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Kolder’s specialties include:
Tummy Tucks + Liposuction + Breast Augmentation + Breast Lifts + Breast Reduction + Facelifts + Armlifts + Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty, as well as a variety of non-surgical aesthetic procedures. Dr. Kolder is also known to have a warm, easy manner, compassionate care, with surgical results that are beautiful and natural.

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Patient Testimonial

“I was so pleased I chose to go to Dr Kolder! Not only do I love his staff, they are so helpful, efficient and just plain fun to talk to, Dr. Kolder makes you feel at ease with his knowledge and disposition. My surgery results were amazing and my recovery was made easy knowing I could call any time and get immediate attention and information. I highly recommend Dr. Kolder and his entire staff…”