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Surgery Center

Dr. Daniel G. Kolder

board certified plastic surgeon

All procedures are performed in our Ambulatory Surgery Center located within the same physical structure as our plastic surgery practice. The Camarillo Surgical Center is a state-licensed, federally certified Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC). Our surgery center is dedicated solely to Plastic Surgery and addresses patients’ safety, comfort, and privacy.

Accreditation assures the public that extra steps have been taken to promote patient safety

AAAASF accreditation programs help facilities demonstrate a strong commitment to patient safety, standardize quality, maintain fiscal responsibility, promote services to patients and collaborate with other health care leaders.

AAAASF provides official recognition to facilities that have met 100% of its high standards. Accreditation assures the public that patient safety is top priority in a facility.

An accredited facility must comply with the most stringent set of applicable standards available in the nation and meet our strict requirements for facility directors, medical specialist certification and staff credentials. It also must pass a thorough survey by qualified AAAASF surveyors.

An accredited facility is re-evaluated through a self-survey every year, and an onsite survey every three years. Facilities must continuously comply with all AAAASF accreditation standards between surveys. Upon approval, an accredited facility must prominently display its accreditation certificate in public view.

An accredited facility must be fully equipped to perform procedures in the medical specialties listed on its accreditation application.

The ASC status requires us to meet or exceed over 2,000 stringent standards in environmental and life safety, risk management, quality assurance and emergency management procedures set forth by the U.S. government. The ASC licensure and certification is in effect, granted based on a strict adherence to all applicable standards of a major hospital. Each year the ASC must undergo a series of unannounced inspections and surveys by the federal and state governments to ensure adherence to these standards. We have designed the center to focus on patient comfort and privacy, and serves as is instrumental in allowing us to control every aspect of your experience

Patient Safety

We have the gold standard in surgery center accreditation…

Peace of Mind

knowing that our facility is fully accredited by ASF
assures that extra steps were taken for your safety…


Our accreditation is a result hands-on team work.
A step by step approach by ASF approving our facility

High Standards

Raising the bar for patient safety means choosing the best accrediting organizing, ASF!