Permanent Makeup

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Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

For busy women who wish to save time on their morning routine, or for anyone interested in preserving their look no matter what the time, day or weather, permanent makeup can mimic the look of cosmetics directly on the skin. Our permanent makeup treatments enhance your features and let your beauty shine.*

Pacifica Medical Spa Studio City has helped men and women alike with permanent cosmetics, an especially popular option in LA County where everyone strives to look their very best. Our Aesthetic Nurses strive to develop custom-tailored treatments with natural-looking results.


Permanent makeup is essentially made up of tiny tattoos that pigment the skin in ways that mimic your natural features and your own cosmetic preferences. Permanent makeup can take the place of eyebrow pencils, lip liners, eyeliner and more.


Before getting your permanent makeup treatment, you’ll have a consultation with one of our Aesthetic Nurses. During this time, you can discuss your cosmetic goals and learn more about what to expect from the treatment. Permanent makeup is usually applied to the face, but in some cases, it may be suitable for other areas of the body.

For another alternative to standard makeup, you might consider getting eyelash extensions. We also offer a menu of skincare services to take your normal beauty regimen to the next level.*


You’ll have a range of options for permanent makeup at our medical spa. Our Aesthetic Nurses can also customize each treatment for your specific needs, so feel free to inquire about other options. Here are just some of the permanent makeup procedures we offer:

  • Microblading
  • • Permanent Lip Color
  • • Permanent Beauty Marks


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 to take the first step toward achieving your best look.


This popular method of adding eyebrow definition inserts strands of pigment into the upper layers of the skin, creating fullness and shape to the eyebrows. Hairs will appear crisp and fine, enhancing your own natural brows. This treatment is ideal for people who have eyebrows but would like to fill in missing gaps, add thickness or enhance their eyebrow shape.*

Permanent Lip Color

Lip pigment or outline can be added directly to your skin to help you bypass the need for constant lipstick touchups, and keep your lip color where it belongs instead of on your glass or your date’s cheek!*

Permanent Beauty Marks

Sometimes all it takes to set you apart from the rest is that unique feature that makes you truly distinguishable. For those who weren’t born blessed with a flattering beauty mark, your Aesthetic Nurse can use a fine needle to add a spot of pigment to just the right place.*


The area treated will appear slightly red and puffy for a few days after your permanent makeup treatment. Initially, your results will appear darker than they will once some more time as passed. In some cases, minor blistering or bruising will develop, but this should fade within a few days.*

After about 1 to 2 weeks, you should have a good idea of your final results. While the treatments are not considered to last forever, most people only require touch-ups every year or couple of years to maintain their results.*