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I believe you do know and understand the term tummy tuck in plastic surgery methods, but there is something that you are hardly aware of and which is equally crucial is the dog ears people often get after the tummy tuck.

A dog ear is a term used in plastic surgery to describe a point or fold which appears after the surgery or at the skin-tightening incision. 

After the tummy tuck surgery or breast reduction, you can see a little bump or an extra “fold” of skin and fatty tissue at the end of the scars, which is usually common in patients who underwent the procedure. Since its shape is like a dog-ear, that’s where the phenomenon gets its name. In some cases, it is unavoidable, but an experienced surgeon can minimize its occurrence after the surgery.

Why Do Dog Ears Show Up After a Tummy Tuck Surgery? 

Tummy tuck and Breast reduction surgery generally are the two surgeries, after which you can get a Dog Ear at the end of an incision.

Tummy tuck surgery is the plastic surgery method to remove excess saggy skin from your abdominal area. This excess skin is released in an elliptical shape between your belly button and the pubic area.

The remaining skin is then stretched and tightened, and reattached at the incision site. The same goes for breast reduction, just that your skin will be pulled along the lower breast fold. This procedure’s after-effects will result in tighter skin at the scar’s center, a little less fast at the cuts’ edges, and loose at the incision ends.

The formation of dog ears lies in the variation in the skin’s tightness at the incisions and the tissues around it. As we know, the skin is tight at the center and gets loosed as we move further; it tends to pucker. This fold results in the Dog Ear.

Another reason for dog ears’ occurrence is the incision’s length; a shorter length is hard to suture-close, causing a bulge. It can also happen due to inadequate surgical outlining or because the patient asked for a shorter cut. As dog ears are formed mainly of fatty tissue, overweight patients are at more risk than people with a lower BMI. However, your surgeon will try their best to dodge this complexity.

How To Get Rid Of Dog Ears?

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Usually, the excess formed tissue fades away as the swelling goes away 3-6 months after surgery. In case the ‘dog ears’ don’t disappear even after the swelling has gone down, revision surgery becomes the only option to have them removed.

A simple surgical procedure, including local anesthesia, can remove dog ears once your swelling is gone. Your bump will fade in three months, and then you can comfortably go for dog ear treatment.

The procedure is effortless and quick as it gets complete within half an hour. The process includes removing extra skin by a minor, increasing the length of the original cut. In case your ‘dog ears’ are more extensive, your doctor may perform liposuction to flatten out the bump and achieve the best possible outcome.

Recovery Phase

In most cases, the patient can expect to recover from the dog ear surgery in a few days, even if the procedure involves liposuction surgery.

You are also expected to resume your regular activities in a week except for heavy lifting and exercise. Your surgeon may suggest you take rest and avoid excessive physical activity for a minimum of six weeks, but you can indeed walk and run at a low pace.

The tummy tuck is one of the most popular surgeries amongst men and women in the desire for a flat stomach and enhanced appearance. If you are considering tummy tuck surgery or doubt it, feel to connect with our expert, and we will make sure that we clear all your difficulties.

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