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Immediately after your tummy tuck, you might notice that it feels more comfortable to stand and walk in a hunched-over position. This is perfectly normal and is, in fact, encouraged in the early stage of your tummy tuck recovery. 

In this post you can learn why bending at the waist after your tummy tuck is beneficial, and other important abdominoplasty recovery tips.

Why Is Hunching Over after a Tummy Tuck Encouraged?

A tummy tuck involves removing and tightening skin and, in some cases, abdominal muscle tissue. Because of this, your abdominal area will likely feel tight directly after your procedure, making it more comfortable to remain hunched over rather than standing straight up. 

In addition to increasing your comfort, hunching over while standing or walking during the first phase of tummy tuck recovery can help to reduce complications while your body begins to heal.

How Long Will You Be Hunched Over After a Tummy Tuck?

The good news is that most people are able to straighten up in 1 to 2 quick weeks after their tummy tuck. However, everyone heals at their own pace, so don’t push your body to do too much too soon. You also want to be careful not to put too much strain on your back as you recover. After all, you are contorting your body into an unfamiliar shape and keeping it fairly locked into position. This can cause strain on your back and neck muscles.

Other Top Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips

In addition to gradually allowing your body to straighten after your tummy tuck, follow these abdominoplasty recovery tips to maximize your results:

  • Wear any compression garments recommended by your plastic surgeon.
  • Avoid heavy lifting until you are cleared by your plastic surgeon.
  • Attend all scheduled follow-up appointments.

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Dr. Daniel G. Kolder

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

As a highly trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Kolder’s specialties include:
Tummy Tucks + Liposuction + Breast Augmentation + Breast Lifts + Breast Reduction + Facelifts + Armlifts + Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty, as well as a variety of non-surgical aesthetic procedures. Dr. Kolder is also known to have a warm, easy manner, compassionate care, with surgical results that are beautiful and natural.

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Patient Testimonial

“I was so pleased I chose to go to Dr Kolder! Not only do I love his staff, they are so helpful, efficient and just plain fun to talk to, Dr. Kolder makes you feel at ease with his knowledge and disposition. My surgery results were amazing and my recovery was made easy knowing I could call any time and get immediate attention and information. I highly recommend Dr. Kolder and his entire staff…”