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Woman looking at her oufit in the mirror.During your breast augmentation consultation, not only will you be discussing different breast implant options, but you’ll also talk about your desired breast profile. While deciding on saline vs silicone is often expected, many women haven’t yet considered their breast implant profile options.

Understanding what a breast profile is and what it means for your breast augmentation can help you and Dr. Kolder choose the right breast implant for you and your body type.

What is a Breast Implant Profile?

A breast implant profile refers to how the implant projects forward from the chest when you are standing. Changes in an implant width will affect the implant’s profile. For example, two implants of the same size (same cc volume) can have different profiles. Implants with a narrower base will have a greater profile than those with a wider base.

Your Breast Implant Profile Options

Breast implants come in three different profiles: low, moderate and high. Each breast implant profile offers different results, and Dr. Kolder will discuss the pros and cons of each. To better understand the differences between each profile, let’s take a closer look.

  • Low profile implants. These implants have the widest base and offer less outward projection. Because of their wider base, they take up more space on the chest and can be a good option for women with a wider frame. The fact that they take up more space on the chest also contributes to more prominent cleavage.
  • Moderate profile implants. Moderate profile implants combine the projection with width and are ideal for women with medium-sized frames. These implants combine a good balance of volume and cleavage.
  • High profile implants. These have the narrowest base of the implant profiles, as well as the greatest outward projection. Surgeons often recommend them for women with smaller ribcages or smaller body frames as they take up less space across the chest. While they have a much narrower base, they are rounder and thicker than implants with low and moderate profiles. High profile implants produce the most dramatic curves of all profile options.

Why Do Implant Profiles Matter?

The best breast implant profile for you depends on your body type and desired results.

So why do implant profiles matter, and what does it mean for you and your breast augmentation? The breast profile that works best for you depends on two main considerations: body proportions and desired results.

Breast implant profiles will look completely different on two women and depend on certain body characteristics, such as chest type and the size of the breast envelope. During your initial consultation, Dr. Kolder will take chest measurements and explain how different profiles will achieve different results.

Which breast implant and implant profile you decide on will also depend on your desired goals. Low or moderate profile implants may provide a more natural and subtle look while high profile implants can deliver a fuller and rounder overall appearance.

Let Dr. Kolder help you find the right breast implant profile to help you achieve beautiful, natural results. Contact us online or call us today at 805-491-9535 to schedule your breast augmentation consultation.


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