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Tuberous breasts, also called tubular breasts, are a congenital condition that causes abnormal breast development. While there is typically nothing medically concerning about tuberous breasts, they can cause self-consciousness and emotional distress in some women. There are, however, tuberous breast correction options, like breast augmentation or a breast lift, that can improve the shape and overall appearance of tubular breasts.

What Causes Tuberous Breasts?

The exact causes of tuberous breasts are not fully understood, though experts believe that this condition is related to abnormal breast development during puberty and therefore likely has a genetic component. While some hormone imbalances such as those related to PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) may contribute to the development of tuberous breasts, not all women with PCOS have this breast condition.

Characteristics of Tuberous Breasts

As their name suggests, tuberous breasts tend to have a tube-like shape, rather than round. Some other common characteristics of tubular breasts include:

  • Narrow base at the chest wall
  • Higher inframammary fold
  • Puffy or protruding areolas
  • Smaller amount of breast tissue
  • Breast sagging, or nipples that point downward

How Breast Augmentation Can Help

Breast enhancement procedures such as breast augmentation, a breast lift or a combination of both can help to address these common signs of tubular breasts to create a more rounded and voluminous appearance. Proper implant placement and/or breast lift techniques can adjust the size, position and protrusion of your breasts, resulting in a softer and more rounded look and feel.

The exact tuberous breast correction techniques that will be best for you will depend on your unique anatomy and cosmetic goals. If you are considering breast augmentation for tuberous breasts, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kolder to discuss your specific needs when you call 805-491-9243 or request an appointment online.

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